Luscious Yoghurt Skincare was founded in 2012 by pharmacist Robyn Yaxley with the belief that skincare should benefit our health and wellbeing.

Being a pharmacist Robyn has frequently been asked advice about the skin - whether it be about cleansing, moisturising, damaged or other skin disorders.

Noting that many products contain added harsh chemicals which can damage the skin, Robyn knew the answer was to change what we put on our skin - not only to maintain, restore or repair our skin, but for our overall health and wellness. With enthusiasm and passion and using her core values of customer care and caring about the products we use, Robyn used her knowledge and expertise to create a skincare range based on yoghurt.

This high quality, affordable range uses luscious yoghurt and other indulgent natural ingredients as much as possible. The products are especially formulated for all skin types and for everyday use.

Luscious Yoghurt Skincare has the aim to help people feel good about themselves by helping to promote healthy looking skin, and in turn encouraging people to look after their bodies.


Yoghurt has been used for centuries as a beauty potion!

It contains vitamins and minerals as well as a higher concentration of lactic acid than any other milk. This takes advantage of its soothing, softening and rejuvenating effects.

The Australian designed, owned and made Luscious Yoghurt Skincare range uses delicious ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil and vitamin E blended with lush yoghurt to create premium products.


First to the range is an unscented yoghurt soap to gently cleanse and moisturise the skin with a rich lather.

The Luscious Yoghurt Handcream nourishes and moisturises the skin with an uplifting fragrance of grapefruit to awaken our senses.

The bright and colourful packaging helps create a happy experience. The business is dedicated to respecting our planet, our wildlife and our wellbeing. No product has been tested on animals. By using natural ingredients where possible, it helps to protect our world.